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enviro_logoIn simple term, recycling is the process of turning one products useful part into a new product. This is done to conserve on the consumption of our natural resources, energy and space used in landfills.

Recycling Facts:

By recycling 1 plastic bottle not only saves anywhere from 100 to 1000 years in the landfill but also saves the environment from the emissions in producing new bottles as well as the oil used to produce that bottle.

For every 1 ton of plastic that is recycled we save the equivalent of 2 people's energy use for 1 year, the amount of water used by 1 person in 2 month's time and almost 1000 kg of oil.

Today the most common products being recycled are: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and alluminium.

Do you know approximately 60% of our rubbish thrown away today could be recycled?

If you have the following products, don't discard them in general garbage bin,
send us an email or call us on 1800 65 33 88 to arrange a collection.

What can be recycled?
  • Office Paper
  • Telephone Books
  • Newepapers, Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Printed or Typed Reports
  • Used Files
  • Photocopy Papers & Wrappers
  • Paper Binder Dividers
  • Letterheads and Forms
  • Computer Printouts
  • Envelopes (with or without windows)
  • Milk & Juice Cartons
  • Cardboard, Cereal and Food Boxes
  • Index Cards and Sheets
  • Invoices & Fax Paper
  • Annual Reports
  • Writing Pads
  • Drawing or Note Paper
  • Business Cards
  • Manilla Folders
Help conserve our environment by diverting recyclable from landfill to raw materials. Ring Enviro on 1800 65 33 88 to find out more.
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