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Vertical Baler Specifications
Please speak to one of our recycling specialists for pricing and detailed specifications.

Force: from 4 tonne to 50 tonne
Phase: Single or 3-phase
Motor Kw: from 1.1 to 5.5
Bale Weight (Cardboard): from 70kgs to 500kgs per bale
Auto Ejection or Trolley
Full Baler Indicator

Delivery: Sydney Metro Only
Training: Included at no extra charge
Rebate: payable to customers with over 1 tonne per pickup


To Bale or Not to Bale??

Although vertical balers can save you lots of valuable space as well as providing you with reasonable return on your recyclable materials, however before you decide to rent or to purchase a baler, you should consider and evaluate the benefits and the costs of installing the baler at your business as it might not be suitable to every business.

Enviro pays a rebate for baled cardboard and the minimum quantity per each collection is 1,000kgs. You may also save more by sharing the baler with another company.

First of all, you will need to consider the following factors:
  • Determine the Bale Size and the Bale Weight: the bale weight for the most basic baler is approximately 70kgs each and it can go up to 500kgs each depending on the capacity of the baler. 
  • Labour: Since loading and tying a bale take about 20 minutes, compare this time to the time required to flat pack the boxes and load them onto the dumpster truck.
  • Electrical Usage: The kWh used will vary widely, although an estimate for a 300kgs bale was approximately $1.05.
  • Annual Maintenance: 1% or 2% of baler purchase price will cover the average annual maintenance cost. 

For more information please speak to one of our recycling specialists on 
1800 65 33 88. or  us for a quote.


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