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Please see below the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not listed below please feel free to speak to one of our recycling specialists on 1800 65 33 88.

Question: Cost savings - How can you save more money by recycling with Enviro?
If you discard your recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard in general waste, a two cubic general waste skip bin cost you $290 + GST whilst it only costs $50 + GST with Enviro for casual pickup or $12 + GST for a regular pickup. Great cost savings especially for your next office and renovation cleanups.

Average General Waste Skip Bin Costs:
2 Cubic Metre Skip Bin: $290 + GST
4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin: $495 + GST
6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin: $680 + GST
8 Cubic Metre Skip BIn: $860 + GST
9 Cubic Metre Skip Bin: $920 + GST
10 Cubic Metre Skip Bin: $990 + GST

At Enviro, you can recycle for as little as $12 + GST per pickup for Regular Service or $50 + GST per pickup for an One-Off Service. 

Question: For the one-off collection service and the regular collection service, is there a limit as to how much paper and cardboard you can take?
No it's a flat rate for any amount of cardboard as long as it's less than one truck load. All of our trucks are 10 tonne in terms of capacity which holds about 7 tonnes of loose materials. Please request for an empty truck if you think you have a lot of paper/cardboard for disposal.

Question: Do you service Newcastle, Gosford or outside OF Sydney?
No, Enviro services Sydney metro only. To confirm whether we service your area and whether there is any surcharges please check your postcode here: Service Area

Question: If I am on the fortnightly collection service and require additional pickups during the two weeks, can I arrange that and how much?
Yes additional collection service is: $12 + GST per pickup.

Question: Can I cancel the regular service and is there any cancellation fee?
Yes you can cancel anytime and there are no fees for cancellation.

Question: I am renting a bin and unfortunately it's been damaged. Do I have to pay for the damage?
Yes. For damaged and stolen bins you will have to pay for the full sale price of the bin. Click here to check the full sale price of new bins.

Question: We are moving office, can I rent a bin from you for a week and we will call you once it's ready for pickup?
Yes. For short term bin rental pricing please click here.

Question: Our office is located on level 20, can your driver take the waste paper/cardboard from our office?
Yes. Manual Handling Surcharge of $40 + GST per one-off collection or $20.00 + GST per month for regular collection applies if you can't bring the paper/cardboard to the truck.

Question: How long can you truck wait?
30 mins waiting and loading time are free of charge. After the free time we charge $100 + GST per hour calculated every 15 minutes.

Question: Do you accept credit cards and is there any credit cards payment surcharge?
We accept all Visa and Master cards and there is no surcharge for all credit card payments.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on
1800 65 33 88.

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